Zann is Santiago Tomas Ibañez. A passionate about modern art in general; shows, movies, photographs, but specially... the music. This is his greatest passion in life.

The story of Zann's beggins in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when he born on June 19, 2000. His journey at the art ambient starts at the age of only 5 years with a big love in the lights and music. Just a kid who was surprised at the entertainment world constantly asking himself: how does this happen?, how it works?, can I do that?

 Undoubtedly, it was expected that little Zann had already decided his future in his life and what he was going to do in the rest of his life.

 Several years later, with 14 years his passion with the music is more than bigger, so he begins to investigate and learn on his own to compose his own melodies, his own music. Rock, pop, dance music, classical, are some of the genres that he experimented, but he select only 1 player to start his game: the electronic music. Although it is his favorite genre of music and in which he specializes more, Zann currently composes (in addition to electronic music) classical music, score for films and orchestral music (if it is epic and with a lot of energy, better).

 He knows that he needed more to share with the world, so he implement the power of the ''visuals'' to his works and projects. An other new big discovery for his mind. Experimenting with it in his free times, special homeworks for his high-school, he found a new way to share his love for the art.

 Years later, with 16 years old, new possibilities to create they appeared before him since he discovered the visual world with greater depth (although previously he had already been doing small audiovisual works for fun for his high-school). Since then, with much effort, study, learning, time and dedication, it was like Zann fused audiovisual art to go beyond what he always wanted to show.

 As a small detail and at the same time, in his spare time and for fun, he learned about design by experimenting it and testing it in 2D images for covers of some of his works, logos, etc. But when it comes to 3D animations or animated designs, he had fun creating visuals and fanciful worlds for his shows.

  At the day of today; Zann can make his own parties with his 'family company' of events and, when he is lucky and the opportunity presents itself, he performs his own DJ shows and live perfomances. But, when he takes a camera, the adventure of 'Mezteroid' as a filmmaker and photographer starts: his new alias for his audiovisual creations on internet fusing their musical capacity and their way of showing the world in curious original videos or their own film stories.

 This is the story of a guy who wants to share everyday, everytime, what he can do with the art. That's me.

 Hope you support my creations and follow me on this amazing journey with a lots of new adventures to discover. This is just my beginning, and I have only one question for you:

 Are you ready?

©2020 Zann.

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